subliminal text

Subliminal Text - gives you the power to program yourself with up to 3600 affirmations every hour. Text is fully editable as is the level of transparency, flash rates, duration and position on the screen. You are handed full control to customize as you please.


Subliminal Images - allows you communicate directly with your subconscious mind. Use them like an automated vision board. Subliminal Images have proven to be an effective way to alter your emotional state. Use them to positively influence how you feel throughout the day.

subliminal audio

Subliminal Audio - enables you to reinforce your affirmations through sound. (Research shows audio is kept in the memory longer than text.)

Sports coaches know the power of words on an athlete's performance. Give yourself the edge with some positive encouragement while you work.


Subliminal Video (Beta) - gives you the option to create a dynamic, moving vision board. Simply play while you work to amplify the law of attraction. Many people have now reported that their desires have manifested quickly through the use of semi-subliminal video vision boards. Try it!

subliminal audio channels

Additional Audio Tracks - allows you to add in brain wave frequencies to put your mind in an optimal state for reprogramming, working, creativity or relaxation. This technology uses the law of harmonic resonance so you can easily change your mental state from one of stress to one of calm or focus.

therapy session

Sessions Module - enables you to create EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) sessions, hypnosis sessions or trigger power questions. This is like having your own personal therapist or coach by your side throughout the day. Clear outdated emotional patterns or belief systems while building new ones.

therapy play

Just Press Play - comes complete with a built-in program to facilitate change for a better life. Just download, install and press play. If you prefer, you can create your own programs or edit existing ones. Every module is fully editable and customizable to suit your personal needs.


It is now possible to automate the Law of Attraction. Before I explain how, it is important to understand how the Law of Attraction works.

In a nutshell we get what we focus on. But is it really that simple?

Yes and no. We get what we focus on for the majority of the time (as long as it is in alignment with our belief systems.)

The problem is most people who are trying to use the Law of Attraction do so by spending a few minutes every day focusing on a goal (which they often don't even believe they can attain).

You have 50-60,000 thoughts every day.

Most of these are reinforcing your current reality... such as what bills need to be paid, problems at work or family dramas.

MyDesktopTherapist (MDT) works by allowing you to address these core issues while you work. This software helps reprogram old belief systems, remove old emotional patterns and assist you in focusing more fully on a new reality.


For additional reinforcement it includes a "Sessions" module enabling you to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) or Hypnosis type sessions right on your PC.

Using a combination of text, video, audio and video you too can transform how you think, feel and act... Ultimately your life can be radically transformed!

MDT combines the effectiveness of the multiple techniques while also making them automated. (Admitedly I can be lazy, so this is perfect for me!)

Now I'd like to share it with you.

There are many other applications with a fraction of the functionality of MDT but sell for $47-$97. Some even have monthly fees as well.

(There are NO limitations, restrictions or anything else. This is fully functional software.)

It is simple to install and easy to use. Just enter your name and email below to download now and get started immediately...